If Steve Was A Mushroom [Minecraft]

Mushroom Steve spent all night caving.
02 - MinecraftHe ascends from the cave and finds an unsuspecting beef monster.
03 - MinecraftHe slays it.
04 - MinecraftHe crafts its beastly hide into armor.
05 - MinecraftHe spends the rest of the night harvesting wood for his build.
06 - MinecraftAlong with the following morning.
07 - MinecraftHe finishes his massive build later that day.
08 - MinecraftHe wonders his surroundings in search for the meaning of life. Looking at his reflection, all he can think of is the word, “Adventure.”
09 - MinecraftHe crafts a boat and sails off to new places.
10 - MinecraftHe climbs to the tallest point of the world.
11 - MinecraftOops.



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