Loadout’s new game mode ‘Annihilation’


Edge of reality have announced a new game mode in the up coming free-to-play title ‘Loadout’. Annihilation mode balances team based success with an individual power-up system that will reward the players on each team for superior performance. This new game mode will be available when the game officially launches on the 31st of January 2014.

Combining game play objectives from three of the Loadout modes already available, teams will still have to capture and control the map to boost their team score and win the game. With also having the team score, players will have a personal player score which acts like a currency that you can spend on different power-up injections to give yourself the edge in battle.

With the slayer injection for more damage, tank injection to take more damage and the healer injection to improve your healing, picking any of these will greatly increase your chance and your teams chance of winning.

Capturing points will also give one of the capturing players a 30 second damage boost which could really help you and your team when completing the other two objectives, capture the hammer and kill and collect.

Trying to complete all of these and have personal power-ups means that this game mode will be one huge battle. This game mode supports up to eight players at one time. Good team communication and teamwork will be must if you want to be successful in this mode.

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