Indie Game Super Kid Cannon Soon To Be Released


The New Zealand based indie game developers, Skyjoy Interactive, are ready to release their new indie game Super Kid Cannon.

Super Kid Cannon is a brilliant mobile game that is an encapsulating vertical launcher. One of the first of it’s kind Super Kid Cannon plays really well and has doodle jump and candy crush style graphics.

With easy to learn mechanics and a simple control scheme, SKC takes all the fun of classic platformers and turns it all sideways to create a unique gameplay experience. The inspiration behind SKC came from classics such as Mario and Donkey Kong.

Super Kid Cannon is based on a simple love story in which, Super Kid Cannon, a heroic red panda, journeys through mystical and magical places to save his beloved Justine from the evil clutches of the despicable Kahn. It’s now up to Super Kid Cannon to rescue his love, and the affable red panda will stop at nothing to save her! With beautifully rendered worlds and environments, Super Kid Cannon takes players on an exciting ride through hand-crafted levels featuring a variety of easy-to-play mechanics.

The game is an action packed adventure that incorporates puzzles and strategic thinking into this family-friendly journey of the red panda. He is one tough red panda on a mission to save his beloved Justine from the clutches of the meanest snow leopard, Khan. He will encounter flying pigs, angry baboons, frogs with the power to control the weather, a spoiled yeti and more in 30 levels, and 5 worlds.

Super Kid Cannon is definitely a game to pick up when it is released to the world in a couple of weeks. Below is the trailer and a wonderful marketing video.





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