Hamburg-based Games Marketing Company Welcomes New Recruits


Since the beginning of the year, the Hamburg-based specialists for Games Performance Advertising, TrafficCaptain, have added four more members to their team.

As of February, Peter Glowka is TrafficCaptain’s new Chief Sales Officer. Peter Glowka previously was the sales head for the German-speaking countries at Intelligent App GmbH, maker of the mytaxi-App. Performance-based ad placement for providers of mobile and browser games is handled by new Account Managers, Lynda Vollmer and Rubén González de Luna, who came on board in January. Cristina Piriz-Roda joins the team as Quality Assurance and Campaign Manager.

As former managing director of ingame GmbH, incoming Chief Sales Officer Peter Glowka knows the games industry from the vantage point of a game portal editor, while his tenure as Senior Product Manager at gamigo AG saw him take a game publisher’s perspective. Before moving on to Intelligent App GmbH, he acquired additional expertise in online marketing as Head of Sales at Advertising Alliance AG. Upon joining TrafficCaptain, Peter Glowka is in charge of an international sales team. TrafficCaptain effectively supports mobile and browser game providers in expanding their player base in the German-speaking countries, Western and Eastern Europe, Russia and the Americas.

“At TrafficCaptain, we have an excellent balance of experienced and young employees who are all game connoisseurs and absolute experts in their respective fields. In my view, an equally essential key to achieving worldwide success in player acquisition is the international makeup of our team, which provides individually tailored services to our customers and partners for their target markets,” as Sandra Fisher, TrafficCaptain COO, remarks on the Games Performance Network’s strategy.

Lynda Vollmer joined TrafficCaptain as an Account Manager in January. Her academic studies in Chinese and Korean had previously brought her to Taiwan. After receiving her degree, Lynda Vollmer worked for GamePoint Deutschland GmbH as a Community Manager. In her most recent job at Mondia Media GmbH, Vollmer gained marketing management experience in the games and apps segment.

Rubén González de Luna completed a program in Business Administration and Marketing in Mexico. He worked for Looki Publishing GmbH as Country Manager for Spain before moving on to Goodgame Studios as Business Development Manager for Spain. Rubén González de Luna is now TrafficCaptain’s new person in charge of performance-based games campaigns in Spanish-speaking countries.

A Spanish native, Cristina Piriz-Roda is also fluent in Greek after studying at the School of Modern Greek in Thessaloniki. Having worked previously as a Support Manager for Ad Network ExoClick in Barcelona, Cristina Piriz-Roda now joins TrafficCaptain as a Quality and Campaign Manager tasked with ensuring the best traffic quality in order to acquire valuable users for game providers.

TrafficCaptain is currently seeking additional personnel, including Media Buying and Sales staff.




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