Sponsored Video – Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare to be Released 28th Feb


Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare, the incredibly fun indie game, is now coming to the UK on Xbox One on the 28th February.

The 3rd person shooter allows you to shoot peas from your face, fly as a garlic drone as well as playing as a zombie with a dolphin gun.

On launch Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare will not include micro transactions which is a big plus. The game will cost £39.99 on the Xbox One and £24.99 on the Xbox 360.

“Gamers across the world have fallen in love with the Plants vs. Zombies characters and now they’ll get to see them in an entirely new light,” said Brian Lindley, Producer on Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare. “Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare give the series’ fans and shooter players a fun, new experience that they’ll both enjoy as they blast, chomp and laugh their way through co-op and head-to-head online action.”

Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare features three distinct modes – two 12v12 competitive multiplayer modes called Garden & Graveyards and Team Vanquish, and the four-player co-operative mode Garden Ops. In Garden & Graveyards, plants must defend their garden bases from zombies attempting to turn them into spooky graveyards. Players can also square off in Team Vanquish as they try to send the other team to the compost pile.

We’re definitely looking forward to the release of Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare and will be posting a video soon. Hopefully we’ll see you in multiplayer!

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