Left 4 Dead 3 rumoured to be on the Source 2 engine


Below you can see the two most important changes that have everyone in uproar over the new Left 4 Dead 3.


[Source2] Changed L4D3’s test_networking unit test to use the devtest level again. Ran assert-free…
[Source2] Restored L4D3’s devtest unit test. Ran locally 6 times without an assert. There may be so…

These were found in several photos taken as part of a tour of the Valve offices, the tour was mainly focused on TI3 (The International Dota 2 Championships) merchandise and artwork that they wanted to show off before the event. As the invited were taken around, a member of Valves staff happened to have a second monitor wired up to a stream of updates from the internal change log and ticketing system.

Big mistake.

Within the stream, lines from developer Ted Carson leaks the existence of two of the most anticipated and exciting projects we’ve been waiting for from Valve. Although we knew Source 2 was in the making, it seems like it’s closer to being ready for release than we first thought.

After being told that they were waiting for a game to roll the Source 2 engine out with, could this be it? Left 4 Dead is an extremely popular franchise and making another simply seems natural.

The Source 2 engine will be a complete revamp and will not simply be an update for the current Source engine.

At BaconCape we can’t wait for the release of these eagerly anticipated projects and hope that they are ready to be out soon.

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