3D-Tank-Action Title ‘Tanki Online’ Rolls out to Conquer UK Gamer’s Internet Browsers


Tanki Online, the action browser game by AlternativaPlatform (one of Russia’s leading developers for massively multiplayer online games), is making huge incursions into Europe and is now headed straight across the frontlines of UK browser gamers. With no need for installation on any machine, the award-winning tank action game only takes a few seconds to unleash the big guns and let shells fly on every Internet browser. Since its Russian launch in 2009, Tanki Online has enthralled over 41 million registered users worldwide.

The pioneering technology that allows Tanki Online to play so seamlessly with no need for installation has not gone unnoticed! AlternativaPlatform have received several prestigious awards including ‘Best Technology Award’ at the Russian Developer Conference KRI in 2009 and the 2013 ‘Runet Prize’ from the Federal Agency on Press and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation.

An intuitively simple control system utilising just a few keys allows gamers to manoeuvre around arenas easily and keep a cool head even in the most heated battles. You don’t even need a mouse!

In Tanki Online, you have the choice of four addictive game modes: Death match, Team Death Match, Capture the Flag and Control Points. The latter two modes place an emphasis on tactics and cooperation. In every mode, the gameplay is fast, thrilling and characterised by tactical elements.

When an opponent destroys your tank, you return to the battlefield in a matter of seconds – the game flow is never broken and the level of action is on a constant high. Tanki Online deliberately does not feature AI-opponents; every tank is manoeuvred by a real human player.

With over 70 maps, (which can be transformed into winter scenarios with the push of a button), Tanki Online offers an incredible range of environments to do battle in. Creative players can also use an external map editor to design their own arenas.

Players are given the choice of up to nine turrets to equip to any tank which include weapons such as futuristic rail guns, flame throwers, freeze guns and two-barrelled plasma blasters. For every weapon, there are four modifications that boost capabilities and change its look.

You can also choose from seven tank hulls each with varying attributes for movement and armour as well as various paint jobs that give further protection against certain weapons. Every vehicle can be modified to fit the player’s preferred game-play style as well as personal taste.

For every successful battle, Tanki Online rewards the player with experience points as well as crystals (in-game currency). The more experience a player gains, the higher he is promoted in his military rank. Players can also purchase crystals to upgrade more quickly. As the mightiest weapons only get unlocked in higher military ranks, ‘pay2win’ scenarios with players buying victories in real currency are impossible.

Tanki Online also offers a micro upgrade feature, which allows for incremental upgrading of turrets, hulls or paint jobs. Each item can have several upgradable parameters that take real time to complete an upgrade. Players can choose to speed up micro upgrading through in-game purchasing.

A huge focus for the Tanki Online team is community. Player suggestions and proposals are constantly reviewed, analysed and implemented. In this way, fans play an essential role in the further development and evolution of the title. There are also in-game tournaments and competitions which involve top-quality prizes. This has led to the establishment of an active clan scene who compete in regular online matches with the most hotly anticipated match ups broadcast live and followed by a large part of the community.
The path to glory in Tanki Online promises exciting battles and intense game-play among a vivid community of players – and everything starts in less than 30 seconds!

Tanki Online features:

  • Free-to-play 3D arcade style browser game
  • Playable in any internet browser in less than 30 seconds without prior installation
  • Play your own way! Battles can be both short and long dependent on your play style
  • Fast paced matches, characterised by tactical elements
  • Intuitive controls
  • Over 70 maps with summer and winter environment options

Four Game-play Modes: Death match / Team Death match / Capture the Flag / Control Points

Nine turrets / Seven hulls / Four basic modification levels per each item / Huge variety of paint options for further protection and customisation / Micro-upgrades

  • No AI-enemies
  • After being destroyed: return to the battlefield in a matter of seconds
  • Unlock military ranks with access to new upgrades and maps by collecting experience points
  • In game tournaments and competitions including high-quality prizes
  • Team-Co-op and active Clan scene
  • Constant game development and consideration of community feedback
  • Over 41 million registered users worldwide




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