CS:Global Offensive Update 6/4 Release Notes – Match Making Ban Improvements


Counter Strike Global Offensive had another update today, this time to fix the  issue with banning players on matchmaking and what would happen to players who had previously played against them. As well as this Hidden Path have added a couple of commands and changed some server settings around.

Not a massive update but the matchmaking ban changes will be very useful and improve the whole matchmaking experience.

– When a player has been banned for cheating (via VAC or Overwatch), all Skill Group adjustments from that player’s recent wins will be reverted for their partied teammates as well as their opponents.

[ MISC ]
– The “thirdperson” and related commands are now executable by servers (for mods and plugins).
– Added a server convar (sv_allow_thirdperson) which allows servers to set players to third person mode.
– The env_fog_controller entity now has a field and input to scale the amount fog is adjusted when players zoom (with scoped weapons).
– Community tournament servers with built-in round backups enabled will automatically restore all player data upon reconnection and this in most cases will avoid having to load round backups.




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