Sniper Elite V2 was Downloaded 2.2M Times in Less Than 24 Hours After Free Download Day


Independent UK developer Rebellion has announced that Sniper Elite V2 has been downloaded 2.2M times in less than 24 hours after Steam made the game free on Wednesday.

At its peak over 50,000 gamers were playing the game simultaneously on the platform, comparing favorably with some of Steam’s most popular games.

With this announcement Rebellion has also released a new trailer for the multiplayer gameplay of Sniper Elite 3 which will be out later this month.

The trailer shows the unique 12 player multiplayer along with the two player co-op and some of the different modes available to play within multiplayer. With dedicated no cross maps and distance king challenges, teamwork is key to success. Overwatch and survival are the two player co-op modes that will put any duo to the test.

Sniper Elite 3 will be available later this month on the 27th on PCs worldwide and consoles and July 1st on consoles in North America.




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