League of Legends gets new Match History and Stats


Riot have today announced that League of Legends will be getting a new match history and statistics beta.

Here is the full quote from Riot MattEnth and a FAQ below.

In a game where strategy and competition matters as much as in League of Legends, the information can be incredibly powerful. We have been investigating how to give you more data to help you in the game, and we are ready to present you the evolution of the match history.

After considering the size of each region, the architecture and the hardware available, besides player experience, we will start the alpha testing in Brazil. We are going to test the server capacity and the player usage of the new match history while we refine the online experience. The beta launch in other regions will come later, using the information we’ll get from the alpha testing.

Our objective is to provide with complex details about your past games in an intuitive and accessible way that allows you to share it with your friends. We are going to make visible a larger number of games not just the last 10! We are going to expand the information at the end of the match using graphs and heat-maps to show the dragon kills, the GPM, the places where you’ve died and much more. You will also be able to share the links to you match history through your favorite social networks!

About sharing, there is a new aspect in the match history we want to focus. We believe ranked games are the best in terms of competition. The players choose to play ranked games to measure their ability in a competitive environment, and that makes them concentrate more in winning. To maintain this legitimacy we believe ranked game statistics should be publicly available to everyone, while normal game statistics should not.

As we mentioned before, the new match history is in a very early phase, so we will continue improving the online experience. If you have any additional questions, please check the FAQ below.


What is the match history?

The match history is the list of matches you’ve played, but expanded and organized with graphs and tables, heatmaps and much more. The online version includes matches from May 1st 2014.

What does “Beta” mean?

The old match history is installed in an old data storage. The one that Riot API uses for third-party websites.
The new match history will be installed in a new data storage, and although we are sure your game experience will be wonderful there is still a chance of a bug appearing. An error like this could cause data corruption or loss. We have been running several tests internally but we can’t guarantee 100% that there is not even a little bug.
So, Beta means there is a possibility of errors occurring and in the worst case a match information could be loss. Beta also means that we are adjustments in the data we already have in the website and that we are adding new graphics and visuals as we continue the development. This is about a game experience in constant evolution, not just a final experience.

Which graphs will there be?

There will be 5 different graphs available on its debut:
– Gold Advantage (Gold difference between both teams over time)
– Team Gold (Amount of gold accumulated by every team over time)
– Individual Gold (Amount of gold accumulated by each player over time)
– Champion kills (The exact position of champion kills over time)
– Destroyed buildings (Number of destroyed buildings at the end of the match)

How long will the matches be saved?

For the moment, we believe matches will be stored on match history for a year.

What about normal games?

We are trying to make normal games fun, most summoners enter Normal queue to have fun with their friends without the pressure from ranked games.
You will still be able to see the information at the end of a normal match, but if you are not friend from the other summoners their information will remain hidden.

When will I see the summoner name and when the champion name?

The summoner name will only be visible if it’s a ranked match, you are the player or the player shared the match with you. Otherwise only the champion name will be visible in the match history.

What determines the visibility of matches on someone else’s history?

All ranked matches from the current season are visible.
Normal matches will only be visible if the summoner is your friend.
Only you can see your custom matches.




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