ESC Gaming Sign Dobry Gaming as Their New CS:GO Team


ESC Gaming have announced that they have taken the former team known as Dobry Gaming.

Two weeks after the departure of their previous Danish squad, ESC, decided on picking up Dobry Gaming after their recent win at Poznan Computer Sport Games 2014.

“After many long conversations with many organizations, we decided to choose the best for us,” said Dobry team manager Lukas “PRAWUs” Ganczewski.

“Despite several changes we made ​​some time ago, our team has never been in better shape, I hope that we will be able to proudly represent such a great organization like ESC.

Our goals are to take at least second place in the EPS Poland in Krakow and to keep a good position in the league SLTV StarSeries and qualify for the ESL One.”

The team’s lineup stands as follows:

Jacek ‘MINISE’ Jeziak
Michał ‘MICHU’ Müller
Paweł ‘innocent’ Mocek
Grzegorz ‘SZPERO’ Dziamałek
Mikołaj ‘mouz’ Karolewski




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