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Project CARS came out on the 8th May 2015 and is just another racing game right? Well, sort of. First off the game looks incredible, the screenshots of the game can make you question whether it is a real life photograph or a screenshot of the game they’re that good. Just check out this screenshot:

Crazy Good Graphics

Crazy Good Graphics

When scrolling through reddit I saw this image and actually thought ‘which race was this picture taken at?’ it’s that good.

Take a good look through those screenshots they’re amazing, I simply love the look of this game.

Now, over to the feel of the game. I was playing this on a gamepad which was one of the factors as to why the games launch date was pushed back; Bandia Namco and Slightly Mad Studios wanted to improve the performance of the gamepad before launch. Which, in my opinion is a good reason to push the games release date back. However, I felt it was hard to control or understand the way the car moved and why it was speeding up, slowing down or pulling to one side while using the gamepad. Steering was hard and spinning out or going over the grass was a constant issue I had. This may have been because I was racing go karts in career mode, so we’ll let this slide as I feel like the game did punish you for not sticking to the track and would have been a better experience if I had a Racing Wheel but as you can tell from the link they’re quite expensive.

In terms of DLC this hasn’t come with a day 1 DLC pack but if you bought the game through the Project CARS game website or bought the digital edition through steam you would have received a Limited Edition Car Pack. I think the option of more DLC such as this is a good idea but I would like to see these cars and possibly tracks available to unlock if you put, for example, 50 hours in to the game then you get new cars, tracks etc.

This game can be played by the racing casual and the racing enthusiast/professional. By that I mean this game includes some really technical information regarding car set up, tire pressures, weather settings etc. which can be tweaked and changed from race to race. I personally have no clue about these things so I kept them as default which worked fine for me.

The career mode is quite fun to be honest, this is a calendar based career where you start as a kart racer and work your way up the ranks. Entertaining but nothing new. The worst part about Project CARS is that there’s no local multiplayer. This is a racing game, split screen works in racing games. Why would you not put in local multiplayer?!

With there being no local multiplayer there is online multiplayer, enter racing with up to 16 other players in public or private servers with race customisation. While those who may not like the veracity of head-to-head racing can enter Driver Network Challenges. These challenges include regularly scheduled community events that allow players to complete specific scenarios to climb the ranks and gain bragging rights. Players can also compete against others in asynchronous time trials. Compete for record times across all the different tracks in the game, and if a little help is required, download ghost data from particular players to see just how they managed to shave off those precious seconds.

“Four years ago we had a vision for a racing game that was bold and dared to take on the two big contenders in this genre. By including the community who would ultimately be playing the game from day one of the development process, we’ve worked tirelessly to create a game that not only has best in class features but continues innovating in the racing genre, shatters long-standing traditions, and breaks new ground both visually and technically” said Ian Bell, Head of Studio at Slightly Mad Studios. “And now, after that unique combination of our own expertise, the wishes & desires of the community, and the input from real racing drivers, we’re humbled to see that the existing approval from gamers is now also being reflected in overwhelmingly positive reviews and excitement from the racing community at large. It’s been a long journey but ultimately that journey is now in the hands of the players and we can’t wait to see your own career paths, your own stories you share on social media, and your own battles online. Thank you all so much.”

The Review

Project CARS

8 Score

"This crowd funded racing game is absolutely stunning, the graphics are amazing. The gameplay is great for both the casual racing game player and the enthusiastic racing driver who loves the technical side of motor racing. With many cars, tracks and game modes this does lack local multiplayer and the game can be hard to pick up and play especially when you don't have a racing wheel. Overall if you having a craving for a good racing game or want to immerse yourself in a technical and very realistic racer this is the game for you."

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The Good

  • Incredible Graphics
  • Online Multiplayer
  • Career Mode
  • Customisability
  • Amount of Content

The Bad

  • Controls
  • Technical Information for Newbies
  • No Local Multiplayer


  • Gameplay 70%
  • Graphics 100%
  • Uniqueness 60%
  • Price 80%
  • Story 60%
  • Amount of Content 90%



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