CS:GO Nade Spots – Nuke 23 Smokes, 12 Flashes, 3 Nades and 6 Molotovs – Quick Version


All Timings for the Nade Spots:

00:20 Smokes:
00:23 CT Spawn to T Spawn Blue Container
00:35 CT Spawn to Silo Pipes
00:52 CT Spawn to T Mid Boxes
1:12 CT Ramp to T Ramp (Stop T Rush)
1:22 Radio to Ramp Close
1:38 Radio to Ramp Medium
1:53 Ramp to B Vents without being seen (Two Smokes)
2:14 Ramp to B Site without being seen
2:25 Ramp to B Plat – smoke off both vents
2:50 Lobby to Main (+bonus nade)
3:06 Vent Rush Ninja (Nade, Smoke, Flash)
3:27 T Roof to A Site Heaven
3:54 T Spawn to A Site Heaven (Snax’s Smoke)
4:14 T Roof to CT Cat
4:40 Outside Wall of Smoke (Two Smokes)
5:20 T Mid Boxes to Main
5:40 T Mid Boxes to Garage
6:05 T Spawn Blue Container to Secret
6:23 T Roof to CT Catwalk Heaven
6:41 Smoke Bug

7:26 Flashes
7:28 T Roof to Left Skylight
7:47 T Roof to Right Skylight
8:14 T Roof to Right Skylight Bounce (Deeper)
8:28 Lobby to A Site
8:42 Lobby to A Site (without being seen from main)
8:59 Main to A Site Popflash
8:15 Hell to Heaven/A Site
9:25 A Site to B Site through Vent (All nades)
9:38 Lobby to Ramp Popflash
9:49 Ramp to B One Way Flash

10:04 Nades and Molotovs
10:06 A Site to B Site through Vents
10:16 Lobby to Main (easy!)
10:31 Secret to B Site Vents (all nades!)
10:50 B Site to A Site Molotov (4 Molotovs)




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