CS:GO Nade Spots – New Train 20 Smokes, 6 Flashes, 1 Grenade and 1 Molotov – Quick Version


This video by Jamiew shows you some new CSGO Train smokes, flashes and tactical grenades.

Timings for all the Train smoke spots in this video (click the times):

0:24 Smokes
0:26 – Back of B to B Ramp
0:32 – Back of B to B Left Plant
0:39 – Back of B to B Sniper Heaven
0:58 – Back of B to B Sniper Heaven Deep
1:16 – Back of B to B Left Plant Alternate (right side)
1:31 – Back of B to Z Connector (B side)
1:48 – Back of B to B Right Plant
2:06 – T Spawn to Z Connector (A side)
2:23 – T Spawn to A Left Plant (Two Smokes for complete coverage)
2:55 – T Spawn to A Sniper (long)
3:11 – T Spawn to A Right Plant
3:35 – B Tunnel to A Right Plant
3:57 – \ How A looks when properly smoked /
4:07 – A Short to A Sniper
4:33 – B Tunnel to A Sniper
4:48 – A Short to A Left Plant (Solo smoke)
5:08 – A Long to CT Heaven
5:27 – T Spawn to Z Connector (A side fast – I say 128 but it’s also 64 tick)

5:44 Flashes
5:46 – B Tunnel to Back of B pop flash
6:05 – Back of B to B Site pop flash
6:21 – B Tunnel to Pop Dog pop flash
6:45 – Pop Dog to A Site
7:08 – Z Connector (B Side) to A pop flash
7:19 – A Long to T Long pop flash

7:33 Nades and Molotovs
7:36 – A Site to B Tunnel (perfect timing for hitting B rushers)




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