Doublelift Joins TSM After Being Kicked From CLG


Previously the ADC of CLG who is known for trash talking TSM coining the term FreeSM, Doublelift, is joining TSM after being kicked from CLG.

Here’s what Doublelift said regarding the move:

“Joining TSM will be a new chapter in my life, one that I am both excited and proud to be a part of. I hope to prove myself and earn the welcome of TSM fans worldwide. I am determined to use this fresh start to break through my current limits and dominate the competition harder than ever.

To all my current fans: regardless of the team I play for, I will always be the same person that you have known. I will now be playing for an organization I believe that will respect my loyalty and hard work. I am extremely grateful for all the support you have shown me throughout my career, and hope to deliver even better results this season.”

This is what the CLG website says regarding Doublelifts kick:

“That is why this decision was not taken lightly. Doublelift’s persistence and drive to be better, while still remaining a top talent after four years is a testament to the player that he is. Those years were not without disagreements however, and over the course of time have created a heavy burden on the relationship between Doublelift and the organization. It is difficult to make compromises with the past always present. After painstaking deliberation, it was decided that it was in the best interest of CLG that Doublelift be released from the team.”





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