Fnatic Defeat Na’Vi in the First Quarter Final of ESL One Cologne


The Swedish Fnatic took on Na’Vi in the first quarter final of the day at ESL One Cologne with some nail biting moments and some absolute walk overs, all in one BO3.

We started off on inferno with a strong CT hold for Na’Vi winning them a 9-6 first half. However, this was not enough the Swedes came back strong after a disappointing T side with an impenetrable CT hold.

Fnatic went 10-2 on CT letting nothing past at all, shutting down Na’Vi and winning the game. The Fnatic scoreboard was very much spread with the top four separated by just four kills. Showing how much they dominated the CT side.

We then went on to dust2. This is a very strong map for Na’Vi and a poor map for Fnatic with Fnatic losing to a multitude of teams on dust2 as of late, including a loss to mousesports and a draw to iBuyPower.

This definitely showed in the coming match with Na’Vi getting the CT side and shutting Fnatic out. Guardian was hitting shot after shot holding both long and mid. The joint effort from Guardian and Edward paid off on the Na’Vi CT side, both the only players to get more than 20 kills in the game, Guardian finishing off with 29.

The first half of dust2 went to Na’Vi 12-3 and they then finished off with a 4-4 T side.

The final map was nuke, a map both teams aren’t the most confident on. And it showed. With Na’Vi taking the pistol on CT side, Fnatic continued to knock their economy down and take the buy round.

Despite Guardian awping so well in dust2, JW was the standout awper in this game getting an amazing 3 on 1 clutch on the lower bombsite to take the momentum back to Fnatic after a slow first few rounds in the first half. In the first half we saw Fnatic storm through with a great 9-6 half win, a perfect set up to an easy win on the easier CT side.

We then saw and equally as strong T side from Na’Vi, or an equally as weak CT side from Fnatic, whichever way you want to look at it we say a 13-13 score line.

Na’Vi rush in to the upper bombsite and Fnatic hold and take the game to 14-13. However, Na’Vi can buy again, to try and bring the game back in to their hands. With back and forth kills the round went to a 2on2 with Na’Vi only just taking it, 14-14. Fnatic now have to eco which you thought would give Na’Vi the 15-14 scoreline. However after a very defensive hold and many CZ75 kills, plus a team kill from Guardian, Na’Vi run out of time and get taken down by their own weapons. 15-14 Fnatic.

Victory or draw, 2on1 Edward and Guardian vs Flusha. Flusha brings it to a 1v1 against Guardian. Flusha walks round behind Guardian and wins it for Fnatic. 16-14 Fnatic on nuke, 2-1 in the BO3.





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