FM Toxic Take Home £3,700 at Insomnia52 (Plus Final Standings)


FM Toxic beat Rasta Gaming in the final of Insomnia 52 taking home £3,700.

Toxic took their first map, dust2. With the old rules of the Insomnia LANs this would have been enough for the upper bracket winners to win the whole tournament but the new rules means that they had to win a second map. This was to be nuke which was Rasta Gamings pick. FM Toxic lost the first half but then came back from 11-4 and won the second map securing the win.

Here are the final standings:

1st. FM Toxic £3,700

2nd. Rasta Gaming £1,500

3rd. PCHire £980

4th. NetcodeGuides £450

5th-8th. Team Infused, vexstaR, 2seXeh, Mia Malkova £225




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