The Most Balanced Game You Will Ever Play – Yin Yang BANG BANG by Moose Knuckle Games Will be Releasing Soon


As the wise Michael Jackson said, “It don’t matter if you’re black or white… cause in this game you take turns being both!” Pretty sure he said that… I totally remember the first part.

Yin Yang BANG BANG is a two handed infinite  side scrolling game where you control the dots of a Yin Yang trying to absorb like color shapes, while avoiding not like color shapes. One hand controls your dot, while the other hand taps the oncoming shapes to turn them to the color you want. It’s a game that tests your coordination to the umpteenth degree! The goal; to get as big as you can and to last as long as you can. Simple, right? Just wait till you try it!

  • Releasing on iOS and Android
  • No IAP to Ruin the Game
  • Skill Alone Will Get You to the Top of the Leaderboards, Not Money
  • Penjing Tree Growing system
  • Two Handed Skill Based Game
  • Endless Level Design
  • Unique Black and White Ascetic
  • Both Fast Paced Action, and Calm Meditative Areas
  • Two Stage Reactive Gameplay

Yin Yang BANG BANG is a premium game. No advertisements, and no IAP. Just buy the game and that’s it, you get the whole game just like the good old days. And all players will have an equal chance at topping the online leaderboards regardless of their wallet size. It will be Available Apple’s App store and on the Google Play Store On February 15th. I also plan to release it on Windows Phone in the near future




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