Kettering Conference Centre, Thurston Drive, Kettering, Northants, NN15 6PB
£65 BYOC Ticket
£10 Spectator Day Pass, £22 Spectator Whole Event Pass
Prize Pot
Up to £3000 + tickets to next event.
Jon “ViciousHorizion” Kelly
Jack “jackyprime” Peters
Start Date
Friday 20th February 11am
Sunday 22nd February 12noon
Groups to Double Elimination
Team Limit


  • de_cache
  • de_dust2
  • de_inferno
  • de_mirage
  • de_nuke
  • de_overpass
  • de_cobblestone


1st. £850 + Free Tickets to Epic. FIFTEEN

2nd. £450 + 20% off Epic. FIFTEEN Tickets

3rd. £0

Tournament Casters

James “BanKs” Banks
Karam “Kyanite” Kabbara
Ben “Hoss” Hosford


Watch live video from epicLAN3 on www.twitch.tv

Teams and Predicted Placings

1st. Team Infused – redSNK, hudzG, HenryG, tsack, CRUCIAL

The winners of the last Insomnia LAN Infused have changed their lineup quite a bit. Now the two Gs, hudz and Henry are back playing together after HenryGs venture in to casting. This lineup is full of players who are used to playing on stage and winning LANs. redSNK, hudzG and HenryG are all seasoned players that have won many LANs before, even back in the CGS days when HenryG and hudzG were playing on London Mint (they won the CGS UK Championship 2007). Crucial is a player that most likely isn’t that known amongst UK players, mainly because he’s Dutch but also because he’s only 17 years old. Despite the young age Crucial has ridiculous aim and is certainly a player to watch at this event.

2nd. fish123 – jakem, weber, keita, Kryptix, JT

A lot of big players in the UK scene here, all very talented players. Kryptix individually has been playing UK CS since he was a young teenager with jakem and weber both playing at the top of the UK scene for a good few years now. keita and JT have been at the top of UK CSGO after knocking on the door of the highest level play in the UK on previous iterations making up a very strong team across the whole roster. Keep your eye on weber and Kryptix, they’ll be the two getting the crazy frags.

3rd/4th. The Last Resort – vertiGo, b3n, paynt, s0m, gintx

This lineup is part of probably the longest going large mix team of UK CS. vertiGo and s0m are a duo that are capable of great things, made known by the dignitas lineup who gave the two a chance to prove themselves when they were relatively unknown in the scene. Now, they’re two great players within the scene who contribute a lot. This team has the potential to give fish123 and Infused a run for their money. I’d watch out for an upset by this team, if you’re going to root for an ‘underdog’ or a community favourite, these are the guys to pick.

3rd/4th. Perilous Rage – ashhh, luster, chance, Tankey, quiver

Perilous always take practicing seriously and getting good at the game in their stride. This team is strong and can upset any of the teams seeded above and equal. After a less than expected finish at the last Insomnia LAN the team has brought in Tankey and chance and will be looking to perform at this LAN. If we don’t see Perilous finish top 5 I’d be very surprised.

5th/6th. LANimals – benkofk, onscreen, r0m, Friza, mortism

Consisting of old school players, a famous UK streamer and a player who finished second at the last Insomnia LAN this team is somewhat unpredictable. They could have practiced a lot after the previous Insomnia LAN or could just be putting a mix together for epicLAN. I suspect the latter. r0m is the player to watch in this team, he’s the most up to date player in terms of highest recent LAN finish. onscreen will most likely be streaming the event over on his Twitch channel twitch.tv/onscreenlol. The raw talent of this team should be able to carry them to a 5th/6th finish but the practice 2seXeh put in could topple them.

5th/6th. 2seXeh – Monster, zinc, CHZ_MACHINE, vpr, Zag

2seXeh are a consistent team in the UK scene growing and improving as time goes on. They’ve had a consistent group of people playing together for quite a while and always have been stratted and practiced up. However, they sometimes lack the ability to adapt when their strats aren’t working which could lead to some issues against the better teams. A solid 5th/6th finish would be good for this team.

7th. so crisp – JME, mAson, EmberZ, vito, jSav

A team who hasn’t been around in the UK scene that much, however are known to have practiced quite a bit for this LAN so hopefully they can be the outsiders that finish strong. EmberZ used to be a good CSS player, playing with the likes of RE1EASE and Puls3 as well, jSAV used to play 1.6, so the team is talented just inexperienced in terms of recent UK CS:GO LANs.

8th. Divine eSports – SpIkE, Tomlinson, Nexiv, rampAge, szed

This team consists of 1.6 players, who have been practicing online since Insomnia LAN. Divine aren’t bad players and could potentially get higher than a 7th/8th finish, but like 2crisp they are inexperienced in terms of recent UK CS:GO LANs.

9th. NiceGuys – Gingey, Esio, Avash, Rhys, walker

A mix team of CSS players, these players have always been around the UK scene but haven’t really placed highly at LANs before. I’d like to see this team challenge 6th/7th but again, they’re out of practice in terms of LAN play.

10th. InvokeUK – shcKr-, AccipiteR-, gito789, JamesAtEpicLAN, callum-

A team who seems like they are just going for the fun of playing CS:GO and not really to compete. I hope they get a couple of wins but I can’t back this up by any previous experience with this team or players.

11th. Unnamed Mix – Tobyyy, Gromit, boomeh, SoniXzR, Woody

A team who seems like they are just going for the fun of playing CS:GO and not really to compete. I hope they get a couple of wins but I can’t back this up by any previous experience with this team or players.




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