The Witness Has No Repetition or Filler in a 70 Hours of Content


Johnathan Blow, a developer on the new game ‘The Witness‘ has said on Twitter that his game has over 70 hours worth of gameplay with no repetition or filler. A bold statement but this seems to be backed up with evidence. Here is the full quote taken from Johnathan’s Twitter:

Lately, we have someone in the office playtesting The Witness. He had never seen the game before, but he was really good at figuring out how to solve things; a lot faster than average, I think. Today he finished the game, after 8 full-time days of playing. So, that is about 64 hours of gameplay. He didn’t quite 100% the game, but he is at maybe 97%. So I would expect the average time of 100%ing the game to be over 70 hours. This is in a game with no repetition or filler … everything. If you are not a completionist, you can get to the end in much less time; it’s just that there’s tons of optional stuff.

The Witness is an exploration-puzzle game. It will be released on the PC and the PlayStation4 simultaneously. A release date has not yet been confirmed.




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