Azubu Harnesses Advanced Streaming Technology to Power and Evolve Global eSports Broadcasts


Azubu, the global entertainment network focused on eSports, today announced its new forthcoming Brightcove-powered HLS HTML5 video player will have some of the most advanced technology in the livestreaming world. The approaching advancements delivered by Brightcove, a leading global provider of powerful cloud solutions for delivering and monetizing video across connected devices, will ensure streamers using Azubu’s platform will continue to deliver the highest-quality eSports content to their worldwide audiences.

In addition to the HTML5 and 60 frames-per-second advancements to be enabled by Brightcove, two other major differentiators between Azubu’s upcoming player and other competitors’ players include clickable overlays and real-time communication. Clickable overlays display a customized layer of clickable ‘hot spots’ over the stream. Soon, Azubu’s broadcasters will be able to set up these overlays and track them as opposed to baking them directly into their streams (much like most other broadcasting platforms).

Additionally, a new Azubu extension for the player will enable real-time communication. Still being productized, this custom mid-roll ad insertion plugin will allow premium gamers the ability to take breaks during game play and insert commercial breaks in real time while they are away. The plugin will use a combination of HDS (HTTP Dynamic Streaming) and HLS streams initially, but will transition to use only HLS streams after a designated period of time. In addition, this plugin will control stream delays in between matches, and conduct true real-time HTML5 chat.

“The multitude of choices eSports fans have to watch their favorite players and matches is a complex technical challenge that requires advanced solutions to address,” said Reed Anderson, Chief Technology Officer at Azubu. “Our message to professional broadcasters and their sponsors is simple: we aim to give you the best tools built atop the best technology to empower you to engage your fans and communities better than ever.”

“We’re excited to continue to elevate the streaming experience for broadcasters with Azubu,” said Anil Jain, SVP and GM, Media, at Brightcove. “Over the years that we’ve worked together, we’ve had the goal of constantly pushing the boundaries to deliver an innovative and engaging experience to Azubu’s global audience. With this new iteration coming out soon, fans and broadcasters alike will have a new level of control and customization.”

According to the latest analyst reports, 120 million people watch the biggest eSports tournaments online or through their mobile devices, viewership numbers that rival traditional sports’ biggest events. Fans, publishers and sponsors demand high-quality streams and more options to customize what they see and how they interact with their favorite streamers, players, and teams.




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