FACEIT Raises $15 Million in Series A Financing from Anthos Capital, Index Ventures, and United Ventures


FACEIT, the leading competitive gaming platform, has secured $15 million in Series A funding from investment firms Anthos Capital, Index Ventures, and United Ventures. The investment will enable FACEIT to grow its team and continue to build out its technology and platform, which currently serves hundreds of tournament organizers and over 3 million users. This month, FACEIT also opened a Los Angeles office, establishing a North American presence to further strengthen relationships with U.S.-based developers, publishers and other partners.

“With this round of funding, we will be able to further our three-pronged mission for a competitive gaming platform: a robust competitive community for players and organizers, an easy-to-implement competitive layer for developers, and custom offerings for brands, tied to their products and services,” said Niccolo Maisto, founder and CEO of FACEIT. “We’re also expanding our services to offer our partners the same tools that FACEIT has been using to engage players with competitions at scale.”

Over the past year, FACEIT has enjoyed numerous successful collaborations with various partners, including Twitch, Valve, Time Warner’s Turner Broadcasting and Hollywood juggernaut WME|IMG. Over the coming months, FACEIT will be announcing several additional new game integrations, partnerships, and product features.

“With an extremely strong, passionate, and driven team led by Niccolo, a rapidly growing community of players and tournament organizers, robust technology, and deep relationships throughout the industry, FACEIT is well-positioned to be the definitive platform across competitive gaming,” said Alex Birns at Anthos Capital. “The eSports market is expected to undergo massive growth over the next several years, and FACEIT has the potential to shape how developers, players and brands participate in and experience the industry.”

FACEIT is the leading platform for competitive online games with a base of more than 3 million users logging an average of more than 3 game sessions per day. The company was founded in London in 2012 with the goal of making it easier for players of all skill levels to participate in competitive online gaming. With FACEIT, players have access to a thriving and highly engaged competitive community, developers have a means of enhancing the competitive aspects and nature of their games and reaping the associated benefits, and brands can more easily reach an increasingly important demographic.

“FACEIT has proven an ability to build mutually successful partnerships with game publishers, major media companies, and other industry leaders” says Ben Holmes at Index Ventures. “The company is helping developers engage more deeply with their player base by offering an easy to integrate competitive layer into their games. FACEIT is emerging as a major player in the competitive gaming ecosystem.”




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