DreamHack Open Winter Groups Finalised


The groups for DreamHack Open Winter have been finalised.

Eight teams, five European, two North American and one Australian have been placed into two groups to fight for the lion’s share of $100,000.

The group stage will be a double-elimination group stage with best of three games in the lower bracket. The top two teams from each group will advance.


Group A Group B
dignitas Cloud9
FlipSid3 Gambit
Kinguin Renegades


Thursday, November 24
12:30 dignitas vs. Kinguin BO1
14:00 Cloud9 vs. Renegades BO1
16:30 GODSENT vs. FlipSid3 BO1
18:00 OpTic vs. Gambit BO1
19:30 Group A winners’ match BO1
21:00 Group B winners’ match BO1
Friday, November 25
12:00 Group A elimination match BO3
15:00 Group B elimination match BO3
18:00 Group A decider BO3
21:00 Group B decider BO3
Saturday, November 26
11:00 Semi-final #1 (B1 vs. A2) BO3
14:00 Semi-final #2 (A1 vs. B2) BO3
18:00 Grand final BO3



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