FalleN: “There’s nothing that gives us more joy and happiness than getting the trophies”


FalleN from SK Gaming spoke to Slingshot in an interesting article, here’s our favourite answers. Click here to see the full interview.

How did you first get started? What were you doing before CS?

I think when I started playing was 2003. I’ve always been competitive. Some small tournaments in my city, maybe sometimes traveling to other cities to play or other regions in Brazil. In 2009 I had the first chance to go China and play an international tournament. That was when I wanted to keep doing this for a long time, even if it was my hobby for six years already at that time.

By now your guys’ story of moving to America and becoming serious about the team is pretty well known, but were there any moments where you wondered if it was going to turn out well? Or if it was a mistake?

I think just because the way we are as people, we are so driven on what we wanted, that we’d overcome any difficulty that we had. We had to sleep together. We had sometimes to play games in chairs or on tables that are not proper for computer games. We had to play tournaments on 45 degrees Celsius (113 degrees Fahrenheit) because we did not have air conditioner in the house. We had to overcome difficulties because we knew that it was necessary. Because of the way we think and the way we are driven, none of this was a problem for us. Maybe if it was different people with different personalities, this wouldn’t work. But for us, we want to chase the dream, chase what we wanted, and to get it, we knew we had to go over everything.

What’s been the highlight of the last year and a half for you?

The most fun part. For me, I think is winning the tournaments. There’s nothing that gives us more joy and happiness than getting the trophies. They’re very, very satisfying, and I think the most memories I have right now is us winning both Majors. And I think the recent games with fox have been quite amazing as well because it’s been a challenge for all of us.




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