Xyp9x On The New Inferno: “I think it will become a T map”


At DreamHack Las Vegas, Xyp9x sat down with HLTV for an interview, here’s our favourite questions from the interview. Read the full interview on HLTV.

You mentioned teams trying out a lot of new strats, does the new Inferno allow for a significant change in playstyle compared to the old version?

I think the T side is going to be more favorable, I expect that at least, it’s easier to enter sites, executions, flashing CT’s especially when there’s no roof on A. And there are not that many hiding spots on B, and the fountain in the middle has become more narrow. So I think the executions towards A and B will be easier for T’s, so I think it will become a T map. We will probably see some standard tactics here at DreamHack, but going forward, like one month or two months, we will see some advanced tactics.

A lot of teams have changed lineups in the past few weeks, G2 is one of the more exciting ones from the teams that are not here, but we do have fnatic and SK present; which teams do you think will be able to do well right from the start?

I think fnatic will do, they haven’t been doing really well at this tournament, but I think they will do well because they have good individual players. But G2, I think they need some time and they will become good as well. They made this change because they think this is the best for them, but only time will tell, it’s so hard predicting teams getting good even though they were good before with the same mix of players, like fnatic. It’s a new meta and people are always changing things, and it’s a different time, so it’s hard to say.

I noticed you have quite a large supportive staff at this tournament, does that change anything for the players, maybe make things a little bit more hectic?

No, we have been making sure that everything mostly involves the players and coaches. Before matches, it’s only us, and in the free time we will mingle and stuff like that. During the games, leading up to them and afterwards, it’s only the players. We’ve been working with our sports psychologist about that as well, how people affect us before and after the game.




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