Parkour-Inspired 3D Endless Runner Tzunami Run Enters Open Alpha


The summary:

  • Tzunami Run is a parkour-inspired 3D endless runner now in alpha testing

  • It is free to download and play currently for PC

  • Download the alpha build right here and please leave feedback

  • Original music from indie group Adhesive Wombat

Independent game developer Alon Karmi has released an alpha build for the PC of his upcoming 3D endless runner, Tzunami Run (working title). Built from the ground up by Alon himself in Unity, the game takes the endless runner genre into a new dimension by adding a fully randomized cel-shaded world. Players traverse across rooftops in an effort to avoid the treacherous “Tzunami” waters below in this parkour-inspired adrenaline quest.

While the game is in Alpha testing stages, Alon has opened it to the public and encourages player interaction and feedback to help shape the experience going forward. The current version does not represent the planned final build of the game, as future planned features include:

  • Randomly generated enemies

  • More building types

  • A larger and more dynamic city to explore

  • Weapons

Alon encourages all players to leave honest feedback about the current build of the game over on the blog page for Tzunami Run right here. As he continues to work on the game, add new features and improve it further, all input is appreciated.




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