It’s official – Finland is the worst country to be a Female Esports Gamer


Finland takes the crown for the country with the biggest gender pay gap in Esports, globally. Female gamers earn an average annual earnings of just $332, equating to just 7 cents to every $100 earnt by their male counterparts — whose average annual earnings rack up to $459,925. That’s a 99.93% difference between the two salaries.

Online gaming in Finland is thriving, there are three professional Finnish Esports gamers ranking in the top 100 for all highest earning gamers (all male). The highest earning of those being Jesse “JerAx” Vainikka (male), who has a total earnings of over $6 million. There are currently no female Finnish gamers in the top 500 but there are 10 female Finnish gamers in the top 500 highest earning females. Tuula Rantala, who plays under the same name, is the highest female earner, ranking 502nd of all gamers in Finland, with total earnings of just over $1000.

Peruvian female gamers earn 99.62% less than male gamers

In second place is Peru. Earning an annual average of $312 compared to the male gamers earnings of $81,767, female Peruvian gamers receive $0.38 to every male Peruvian gamers $100. This equates to 99.62% less than the men.

Peru has just 20 female gamers ranking for the country, the highest earning female being Deysi Cori Tello who plays as ‘dey_2018’. The highest earning player, however, is male gamer Steven “StingeR” Vargas who ranks in the Top 500 earners. There are currently no female Peruvian gamers in the top 500.

Female gamers in Malaysia earn 2 times that of Finland

Malaysia has the third largest gender pay gap in Esports. The average annual earnings for Malaysian female gamers is $965, a 99.6% decrease in earnings compared to the male gamer earnings of $242,565. However, the average female annual earnings of $965 is 2 times higher than that of Finnish female gamers.

Ramona Zaharuddin, also known as  “GFI#”, is the highest earning female Malaysian player, and is but one of 12 professional female gamers in the country.

$6 million separates top Danish male & female gamers

Earning just $0.48 to every male gamers $100, lands Denmark in fourth. Danish female Esport players can cash in annual earnings of $2,448 compared to the heights of $504,893 for male gamers in the same country. Female gamers are earning 99.52% less than the men, which stands in stark contrast considering Denmark is the fifth highest earning country in Esport.

“N0tail” or Johan Sundstein is the highest earning Esports player worldwide, having accumulated over $7 million from winnings. Michaela Lintrup, known online as ‘Mimimimichaela’, is the highest earning Danish female gamer having won just over $74,000, and ranking 101st in her country.

Female gamers earn $0.49 to every males $100 in Norway

Landing in fifth is Norway where female gamers earn 99.51% less than their male adversaries. Where the men in the sport can earn an annual $154,956, the Norwegian women are making less than $800 a year — This equates to just $0.49 to every $100 made by male pro gamers. There are just 25 professional female gamers in Norway with 13 ranking in the top 500 for all players in their country.

Female players in Norway earn 6 times that of players in Finland, when comparing earnings of female gamers to every $100 made by their male counterparts.




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