MMORPG Based on Popular Anime Series Launches for All Ninjas


Before there were superheroes with telekinetic powers and billion dollar suits, ninjas were the ultimate human weapons. Now the most famous ninja of all, Naruto, emerges in Ultimate Naruto, a browser-based multi-player online role-playing game (MORPG) from Joyfun, a new game publisher devoted to bringing engaging and immersive online games to players everywhere.

Available for all computers with an Internet connection, Ultimate Naruto brings the popular anime, “Naruto,” to web browsers, featuring original anime plots and the original Japanese anime art style. Courageous ninjas can start shadowing their clones in the Naruto world by visiting the official game website.

Through their journeys in the Naruto world, players must become the ultimate, powerful ninja, playing as one of their favorite Naruto characters from three different ninja schools, the Secret Jutsu, Ninjutsu and Tajiutsu. Each school delivers a unique gameplay experience and storyline. The game features thrilling combat with familiar characters and skills. Players can also nurture pets and famous Ninjas from the anime series to provide competitive edges as sharp as a ninja sword, Ninjatō.

“Naruto fans will feel right at home with Ultimate Naruto,” said Randon Wang, product manager, Joyfun. “We have taken the original story and injected our knowledge in developing engaging online games. The result is an immersive game highlighted by familiar characters and unique gameplay that utilizes the latest in web game technology.”

As a web browser game, Ultimate Naruto eliminates the need to download a bulky client, but packs the fun and depth of client-based online games. It only takes a few clicks to jump into the world of Naruto and become an integral part of the storyline.

Ultimate Naruto is available for all web browsers. The game is free to play with in-game purchases available to enhance the gameplay experience.




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