Minecraft 1.7.4 has been released


Minecraft 1.7.4 Changelog:


  • One-click Twitch streaming
    • Can stream your microphone
    • In-game chat which can be used without using in-game streaming
    • Chat can be configured to only show chat from certain users
    • There are hotkeys to start, stop, pause the stream – Pausing the stream will mute the mic and show an image or screen
    • There are advanced quality settings, usually the stream will auto adjust while sticking close to preferences
    • Twitch server to stream to can be selected from a list with bandwidth tests
    • Stream adjusts to window size changes automatically
    • Only works on some OS/OpenGL/hardware configurations and with Twitch-connected Mojang accounts – Connect here!


  • Added and changed many minor things
    • Changed the Mojang splash screen – Screenshot 
    • When dismounting entities players are no longer moved as far
    • Realms servers now use the owner’s skin’s face for server icon
    • Improved tab behavior: If all auto-completable options begin the same, tab will fill up the beginning – Example: /gamerule doM completes to /gamerule doMob
    • The Sharpness enchantment is now reflected in the “Attack Damage” value in tooltips – Screenshot 
    • 1.7.2 servers can be joined with 1.7.4 clients
  • Fixed some bugs
    • Fixed the decreased render distance
    • Fixed being unable to take screenshots in chat and inventories
    • Fixed some lost efficiency in world generation, it should now be 7.5% faster
    • Fixed a server performance issue causing chunk lookups to become slower for no good reason
    • Fixed players becoming invisible after relogging instead of respawning right away
    • Fixed some texts being untranslatable
    • Fixed being able to duplicate Flowers using Flower Pots
    • Fixed right-clicking Flower Pots with certain plants in them while holding another plant replacing the placed one
    • Fixed Cacti having gaps when viewed in the inventory
    • Fixed enchanted items breaking the inventory UI and status effect display
    • Fixed items with enchantment effect causing blocks and potion effects indicator to not render
    • Fixed a graphical glitch with Beacon effects in the inventory screen
    • Fixed the enchantment glow taking up the entire slot
    • Fixed damaged armor, tools & weapons placed in certain inventory slots causing other slots to go black
    • Fixed Stained Glass/Ice not appearing translucent when held
    • Fixed draw order-related graphical errors involving Stained Glass
    • Fixed the Stained Glass texture being different when in Creative Mode Survival Inventory
    • Fixed glitchy item borders with Mipmapping and Anisotropic Filtering activated
    • Fixed transparent blocks rendering additional faces at region borders
    • Fixed the flipped textures, for example on Doors and Beds
    • Fixed Water being too transparent, Water surface can now be seen from underneath again
    • Fixed misaligned textures on non-full blocks onsouth and east faces
    • Fixed a rendering glitch when looking at Water through Stained Glass
    • Fixed particles rendering behind the block-breaking texture
    • Fixed some entities causing massive rendering issues
    • Fixed the arrow texture in the Furnace GUI not behaving as expected based on the graphic
    • Fixed other windows’ position and size affecting the game’s window’s position and size
    • Fixed left and right click becoming stuck on OS X
    • Fixed the game no longer supporting OS X’ fullscreen feature
    • Fixed being able to sticky keys using cmd on OS X
    • Fixed the Adventuring Time achievement not working
    • Fixed multiple background songs playing at the same time
    • Fixed everything rarely going completely dark with the Night Vision effect
    • Fixed the SetSlot packet no longer being able to set the item under the cursor
    • Fixed the Unicode font being illegible in fullscreen mode
    • Fixed the Unicode font text shadow in fullscreen mode
    • Fixed the Unicode font not showing properly
    • Fixed the Unicode font mapping a korean character wrongly (숼 instead of 쉴)
    • Fixed a few crashes


  • Baby Zombies and Baby Zombie Pigmen
    • Will now rarely spawn riding a chicken which it controls to avoid fall damage and move around
    • Screenshot 
  • Sheep
    • When named “jeb_”, they will now smoothly cycle through all colors – this does not affect the actual color
    • Screenshot




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