NEXON Europe announces new Fireteam Map for Combat Arms


Today, NEXON Europe has the pleasure to announce a new Fireteam map for their hugely popular online shooter, Combat Arms. Players must take the Ocean Alliance Cruise ship, where an experimental virus has been accidentally unleashed on the ship’s inhabitants to devastating effect, leading to an adventure to collect virus samples that will involve a variety of combat styles and new weapons and features.

Incorporating a classic “horde mode” style of play along with the hunting of enemies and collection of various items, players must work with their team and new gadgets such as Rocket Turret and Infected Beacon in an enormous environment that expands with the flow of the game. Characters will be upgraded as the adventure progresses too, to combat enemies that evolve to present new challenges and force the adoption of new battle strategies.

Two new events have also been announced to support Operation: Infected Ship. The first, running from 18th December – 8th January 2014, is a user movie competition in which players are encouraged to make a video featuring the infected cruise liner and post a link to their entry onto the Combat Arms event forum. Two winners will receive a Combat Arms hoodie signed by the developers, 100,000 NX and 30 days use of the Phoenix Set in-game.

The second lets the most dedicated players choose their own in-game Christmas gift, courtesy of the Combat Arms team. Players with the most playing time on the infected ship, those that make the most assists and those that make the most playing time for the clan wars between 18th December and 1st January will be notified and can claim any in-game item of their choice (apart from Epic and Demonic weapons).

“The Combat Arms community have been asking for a new Fireteam map and we’re happy to deliver,” says MinKyu Kim, Game Operations Manager at Nexon Europe.  “Operation: Infected Ship presents a unique new environment for players in a perfect arena for new weapons and cooperative battle tactics. And who can resist gunning down some infected monsters?”




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