Dota 2 Tournament The International 2014 Prize Pool is now over 10 Million Dollars


The International is an annual tournament hosted by Valve Software for their action real time strategy game Dota 2 where 16 of the finest teams from across the world compete against each other for the world championship on July 18-21 at KeyArena, Seattle, massive prize pool that this thread is about and all the glory in the world.

Valve seeds $1.6 Million USD as the prize pool of the event with the Dota 2 community having the opportunity to add to the prize pool by purchasing the ‘Interactive Compendium’. For every Compendium purchased, 25% ($2.50) of the sales are added to the prize pool of the event.

The Interactive Compendium this year was launched on May 9, 2014 and the Dota 2 community have purchased enough of them until today to have boosted the prize pool to over $10,000,000 technically adding over 5 times the base prize pool to the event.




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