Dignitas SCAN CSGO UK Invitational Preview and Bracket


Today sees the second cup ran by the Dignitas organisation take place, this time focussing specifically on UK talent.

The UK eSports scene has really struggled in recent years, specifically in CS (a UK team hasn’t won an international event since Copenhagen Games 2012, when the UK Mousesports lineup beat Alternate aTTaX in an intense overtime battle lead by Sam ‘Rattlesnk’ Gawn).

It’s anyones guess what the reasoning is behind the UK struggles to compete again internationally. Some blame it on internal disagreements and bickering, some say the UK just doesn’t take gaming as seriously as other countries and there isn’t as much money in it etc etc. Whatever the reason, efforts are being made to bring more support to the UK in the form of small funded cups. ESL have been running their UK Steelseries community cups, Gameface has come a long way in the past year focussing mainly on UK teams with competitive ladders and weekly cups, and now Dignitas is getting involved. All-in-all things are moving along, albeit at a fairly slow pace.

So lets take a look at the teams taking part in tonights cup:

Team Infused
decclan, hudzG, JT, redSNK, tsack

AaroN, cpr, Rain, sPK, Murdy

Jstar, jakem, Puls3, vertiGo, weber

batham, kajsk1ng, keita, mikeS, mini

b3n’s Boys
Paynt, ono, gintx, maarc, b3n

Rasta Gaming
CINDER, dUdLeY, Jonny, kARMA, mitchen

.xtR, Bunny, Fistpump, gT, MURDERCON, Xeon

adr, bomber, rampage, Sp|ke, KYESAR

The clear favourites going into the cup are Team Infused, who are currently the UK’s flagship team, also representing the country alongside fm-eSports at Gfinity come August 2nd at the Olympic Park in London. Unfortunately they will be going up against the best teams in the world including NiP, Virtus.Pro, iBUYPOWER and Titan.

Teams that will give Infused a challenge going into this cup are the SVETTiGA lineup who sport names including Weber, vertiGo & puls3 who played for fm-eSports previously, as well as the late entry REKT with former mTw CS:GO player and dignitas 1.6 star AaroN looking to do well in todays cup. The former team sitting at the top of the UK ESL ladder with losses only to Infused and the controversial Estonian mix team.

Teams to look out for are 4andahalfmen & b3n’s Boys, the former having players previously known for representing TeamCRG, who have competed for first place at UK LAN events in the past year. Rasta Gaming also put up a fight against Infused in the past week.

All-in-all tonights cup should be a tense battle between Infused, REKT & SVETTiGA with Infused the favourites going in. Stay tuned to Baconcape.com for full coverage of the cup and a post-event writeup!




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