CSGO ESL 5on5 Community Challenge Season 2 Cup #3 – 4andahalfmen Win


19 teams took part in the UK-only cup which is the 3rd cup of a series of 6 before the grand finals. The top 8 teams from each weekly qualifier advance to the finals where £500 is up for grabs, plus £100 to the winner of each weeks respective cup.

This week the teams to look out for were Kettering Babe Slayers(aka SVETTiGA), 4andahalfmen, Rasta.B2G and TheChaps.

The RO32 saw no particular upsets as most teams advanced with BYE’s and the first majority of games took place in the RO16 where 4andahalfmen, ProjectUK, Mag Turtles, thechaps, Fuck CRG b3n, Rasta.B2G, Blobfish & Kettering Babe Slayers advanced to the quarter finals.

In the quarter-finals the only noteworthy game came in the form of Rasta.B2G vs Fuck CRG b3n (who have names such as decclan, paynt, ralleh, sliggy & mx) which turned out to be a very one-sided match as Rasta took the game 16-4. Other teams advancing were thechaps, kettering babe slayers & 4andahalfmen.

The semi-finals saw the most interesting matchups of the evening so far, with thechaps facing 4andahalfmen and the new-name SVETTiGA going against Rasta. The latter game came down to a 16-11 victory on de_mirage for Rasta as they played really well to overcome a mix team filled with well-known UK players such as Weber, nEiLZiNHo, Puls3, HenryG, tsack and more. On the other side of the bracket, 4andahalfmen overcame thechaps with a similar scoreline of 16-10 on de_nuke.

The final came down to Rasta.B2G vs 4andahalfmen in a best of 3 where 4andahalfmen took the series straight 2-0 despite a hard fought evening from Rasta. Third place was fought for by thechaps and SVETTiGA where again the all-star team failed to come out on top despite having the individual player skill advantage.

1st 4andahalfmen
2nd Rasta.B2G
3rd The Chaps

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