Batman: Arkham Knight Flops On Launch Due to Poor PC Performance


Batman: Arkham Knight was released today with the ability to have pre-loaded the game prior to the release date on Steam. Already there have been multiple reports of people having performance issues on the PC.

The game forum on Steam for Batman: Arkham Knight has multiple reports of issues with the game, ranging from performance issues, a 30 FPS cap lock, graphical issues (especially on AMD cards), and crashes. (The game’s FPS cap can be changed by altering a .ini file but is defaulted to 30 FPS)

The major issue that has been reported is when people try to verify the game cache integrity after the game crashes occured. Steam for some strange reason deletes the entire game and then redownloads the entire game. Something that takes hours.

Verifying the game cache integrity is supposed to check what files, if any, you are missing from your game files and redownload them. Steam in this instance thinks that the whole Batman: Arkham Knight game is missing and is redownloading the full game.

Steam users in Japan and Korea are now reporting that Batman: Arkham Knight is delayed 3 weeks to July 16, which goes against the world release date of June 23rd which was planned.

Hopefully we see a patch soon to fix these issues and return some credibility to the game.




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