Insomnia56 reveals a stellar Indie line-up for their first time at the NEC


Multiplay, organiser of the UK’s largest gaming festival, Insomnia, and subsidiary of GAME Digital plc (“GAME Digital”), the UK’s leading video gaming specialist, have revealed the line-up of upcoming and exciting independently produced games from the brightest independent developers, ID@Xbox and Microsoft Greenshoots titles that are playable at Insomnia56.

The full array of playable games will be available over the course of the weekend at the Indie Zone, with a few developers making their way to the Expo stage across all 3 days to share their stories.

From the full list, highlights have to include Mists of Audazzle (by Audazzle), a shooter game developed specifically to allow visually impaired people to play via highly developed sound. Wee Man studios will also showcase Lifespeed, an Indie game soon to be available on Nintendo 3DS, as well as the guys behind Unbox, a bizarre-but-addictive postal based game on PC. All three will feature on the Expo stage over the weekend.

Unbox will be brought by ID@Xbox, describing it as “a physics based platformer about rolling cardboard boxes. Dive into an epic single player adventure featuring heroic open worlds, crazy challenges and cardboard boss battles!”. Other highlights from ID@Xbox are Cuphead (Studio MDHR), SUPERHOT (Superhot) and Aaero (Mad Fellows), all available to play at Insomnia.

Also featuring at Insomnia will be War Child, and their game jam project HELP: Real War is Not a Game, bringing together Indie developers from all over the world to create multiple games released in 2016 aimed at funding anti-war efforts.

As well as playing indie games, live gameplay sessions from YouTube stars Eckosoldier, BigBstatz, AshDubh and Mr Williamo getting to grips with the exhilarating indie game Unbox. Also, the much loved Gang Beasts will be played by DanTDM , Gizzy Gazza and guests, which can be watched on the Expo stage.

List of games playable at the Indie Zone:

  • City of the Shroud, Abyssal Arts
  • DiscStorm, XMPT Games
  • Flight of Light, Crystalline Green Ltd.
  • Gang Beasts, Boneloaf
  • GRIP, Caged Element
  • Havenrise, Pixel Balloon
  • Help: Real War is Not a Game, Sheena Bourke (War Child)
  • Jump Stars, Pixel Blimp
  • Lifespeed, Wee Man Studios
  • Natures Zombie Apocalypse, Aniode
  • Networm , Cuddly Zombie Games
  • Perpetual Night, Studio Genkan
  • Spectra, Gateway Interactive
  • Super Rude Bear Resurrection, Alex Rose Games
  • The Mists of Audazzle, Audazzle

ID@ Xbox playable titles are:

  • Cuphead, Studio MDHR
  • SUPERHOT, Superhot.
  • Aaero, Mad Fellows
  • Beyond Flesh and Blood, Pixel Bomb
  • Gear Gauntlet, Drop Dead Interactive
  • Jump Stars, Pixel Blimp
  • Kingdom, Noio and Licorice & Raw Fury
  • Raging Justice, Makin Games
  • Spectra, Gateway Interactive
  • Super Dungeon Bros, Wired Productions & React Games
  • Unbox, Prospect Games

Microsoft Greenshoots playable titles are:

  • ElemenTales, Total Monkery
  • Kaiju Panic, Mechabit
  • Pure Space, Gateway Interactive




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