Valve Sends Cease And Desist Letter To CSGO Gambling Sites


The CSGO gambling scandal has been going on for quite a few days now with many websites already shutting down. It came to light that many streamers and YouTubers have been getting the result of roulette rolls before they happened to game the system and manipulate the results.

Streamers and YouTubers such as m0e_tv, Syndicate and Phantoml0rd have been among the big names in this scandal with m0e being the person who first brought this issue to the public.

Reports said Valve had received many class action lawsuits about CSGO gambling and in response to this issued a statement saying they will be taking down some of these websites due to terms of service violations. Below you can see the letter Valve have been sending these websites and the websites that have been targeted by Valve.

valve cease and desist

For more information about this subject Richard Lewis has been covering this topic incredibly well over on his YouTube.




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