USP-S Pistol vs. P2000 Pistol – Which Should You Use?


The great debate is whether to go with the USP-S pistol or the P2000 pistol. There’s a clear divide among players, with some opting for the more powerful P2000 and others sticking with the quieter USP-S pistol. Let’s take a look at each of these weapons.

USP-S Pistol and P2000 Pistol – Precision vs. Brute Strength


The USP-S pistol is a good choice for players who aren’t head shot machines. That’s because you can get off more shots with the USP-S before the opposition can figure out where you are. This pistol is far, far quieter than the P2000, which means you’ll tag your target several times before they even realize what’s happening. This is especially true if you come up on an opposing team player who’s already got a read on one of your team mates.


In addition to the ability to fire off more shots at your target, the USP-S pistol offers another advantage – greater accuracy. While the USP-S doesn’t boast a gigantic advantage over the P2000 in terms of accuracy, it does offer a slight edge. While this may not seem vastly important, it can make or break your shots when you’re at long range. Combining the extreme difficulty of hearing exactly where shots from the USP-S pistol are coming from with the increased accuracy gives you a significant edge in your long game during pistol rounds.

Another important note on accuracy and the USP-S is that the inability of the enemy to easily locate your sound signature combined with increased accuracy also gives you a bit of breathing room to let your pistol completely reset, further increasing the accuracy of your long game.

Fire Rate and Ammo

The fire rate of the USP-S pistol and P2000 pistol are virtually identical. There’s no sacrifice there. The only sacrifice you make when opting for the USP-S vs the P2000 is ammo count. The USP-S has a magazine capacity of 36, while the P2000 has a capacity of 65. While this may seem like a vast bonus for using the P2000, it really isn’t.

You shouldn’t be spraying and praying with a pistol to begin with, which is the only reason you would need such a huge clip like the P2000 has. In addition to that, the smaller clip of the USP-S, isn’t a drawback because the increased accuracy and time afforded you allows more of your shots to count.

USP-S Pistol is the Clear Winner

When it comes to multiplayer shooters, the name of the game is kill or be killed. The USP-S pistol allows you to do more of the former and less of the latter during pistol rounds and eco rounds. The increased accuracy, extremely reduced sound, and extra time afforded by the USP-S pistol makes it the clear winner over the P2000. If you haven’t already given this pistol a try, bust it out and bust some heads.




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