KRIMZ “We haven’t really felt that hardcore practicing is needed right now”


Ahead of the ELEAGUE Season 1 finals Fnatic conducted an interview with their rifler Freddy “KRIMZ” Johansson.

When KRIMZ was asked if they’re confident going in to their game against Na`Vi he answered: “We always play with a lot of confidence, sometimes a little too much, I’m afraid.

“We have a great record against NaVi, and I feel like the ball is in their hands really. If we play as we should, they will have a hard time to reach the final.”

He was also asked if the team has had time to rest, he replied: “We’ve played so much during this summer, been to so many events that we haven’t really felt that hardcore practicing is needed right now.

“We’ve been having a fairly passive approach towards playing, solely focusing on other things in life to regain motivation for the game.The feeling for tomorrow’s game is good. We are rested and hungry to compete.”

Another answer that surprised us was when he was asked about how he spent the week gap in preparation for the semi final against Na`Vi: “Gamewise we haven’t prepared much at all. We’ve played NaVi so many times, we know what needs to be done to beat them.

“We’ve been doing some tourism, playing some casual CS and OW (Overwatch) and just having a good time together.”




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