Audi Venture Into Esports With Astralis Sponsorship


The large automobile manufacturer, Audi, have today announced a partnership with Astralis.

Astralis is a Danish organisation that spearheaded a different kind of approach towards professional esports organisations by making the players stakeholders int he business. Audi are a German car manufacturer who is known for their high-quality performance vehicles.

The partnership comes just days before the ELEAGUE CSGO Major where Astralis will face off against the best teams in the world live on Twitch and TBS.

First, this tweet was posted on the Astralis Twitter account teasing the new sponsorship.

A few hours later confirmation was made when they tweeted this (you can see the Audi logo on the breast of the player’s hoodies):

Audi join other big companies such as Buffalo Wild Wings, Snickers, Adidas and Visa with this new venture into esports.




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