Pac-Man’s 40th birthday celebrated by Amazon Games with a new Twitch channel


The little yellow chomper turned 40 on May 22nd, a respectable age for a video game. And yet it is more popular than ever. New Pac-Man Cafes and Pac-Man Zones have been popping up everywhere. Michigan, in particular, seems to be very fond of them, with several malls adding Pac-Mac arcade venues to their offer in recent months. Pac-Man players in Michigan have been rather disappointed when they had to temporarily give real-life playing because of the lockdown. Luckily, online playing is always available, just as is always there for lovers of sports and racing. Pac-Man, on the other side, is about to get a special birthday present from Amazon Games that will make online players happy.

Pac-Man Live Studio, a co-op multiplayer version of the glorious oldie, will soon be available in a dedicated Twitch channel. Players will be able to interact with their friends online and publish their own mazes to the community. They will not need to download anything, just hop on the channel and “Chomp Together”. There is one reason for needing teammates and it’s called Endless Mode: each player is granted only one life per level. But he can go on cheering his surviving companions if he falls. One person to complete the maze is enough to carry the whole team to the next level. That really boosts team spirit! A well-organized team can compete for monthly co-op high scores.

Another way to get popular on the channel is the new Maze Creator. Players will be able to add elements to their mazes, like different food items or extra power pellets. They will set their own high scores and shapes of the itinerary. The custom mazes will be available to the community that will be free to choose its favorite ones. The more your maze is played and liked by the community, the higher it rises in the Most Popular menu of Select Mazes.

Classic Mode will be available for the aficionados of the 1980s. “The game that started the revolution”, as dabbed by Amazon, is going to be there for a vintage customer experience. With the added bonus that the high score will be shared at world level. When Pac-Man was created, work on the game began in 1979 and took one year and five months to complete, the longest video game development period in history at the time.

But why is Pac-Man so important to Amazon? Here is their answer: “Amazon’s relationship with gamers goes back to 1998 when we began selling video games for the Sega Dreamcast, Nintendo 64, and Neo Geo”. But there is more to it, not only nostalgia but vision: “We believe the evolution that began with arcade communities a quarter-at-a-time will develop into a future where everyone is a gamer and every gamer can create, compete, collaborate, and connect with others at a massive scale”. Amazon Games, besides collaborating with powerful partners, creates games with a series of in-house game development studios: Amazon Prime, Twitch Prime, Twitch, AWS and AWS Game Tech. The new Pac-Man Live Studio is a cooperation with Japanese publisher Bandai Namco.




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