FIFAe World Cup reaches its climax in Copenhagen


No game has been so successful at putting the “sport” into eSport as FIFA. While games like NBA 2K and John Madden have achieved a reasonable presence on the eSport scene, only FIFA has attracted the seven figure prize pots and even live TV coverage as we’ve seen with the ePremier League the past couple of years. 

Now, the biggest tournament in football is coming to its climax. 2022 is a World Cup year in every respect, as before the real world teams fight it out in the desert heat of Qatar, the top FIFA eSport teams will meet up in Copenhagen next month. It’s going to be a year to remember if you love football, or indeed if you like to bet on sport online, as the top sportsbooks will be covering both events. 

Anyone can win 

FIFA believes in opportunities for all when it comes to the World Cup – that’s why it takes almost three years to get through all the qualifying stages and identify the final 32 teams. The same principle is applied to the FIFAe World Cup, although an advantage of online play is you can get through even more qualification stages and it doesn’t have to take three years! 

When entry first opened in late 2021, literally anyone could register, and they had until 31 December to do so. Entrants then competed in FUT divisions and at the end of their seasons, those who had reached Elite rank could proceed to the next stage. From here, the format looked similar to the real World Cup qualifiers, with teams fighting it out for supremacy in regional groups.  

This produced a final list of 128 players who must now play out the final rounds of qualifiers. Once they have done so, the 32 World Cup entrants will be announced and split into four groups of eight for the round robin stage of the main tournament.  

One venue, three events  

Denmark has really taken eSport to heart over the past couple of years, and the atmosphere at the wonderful new 7,000-seat Bella Arena in Copenhagen is going to be something extra special. As well as hosting the FIFAe World Cup from 14 to 17 July, you can also get along there to see the FIFAe Club World Cup from 20 July to 23 July and the FIFAe Nations Cup from 27 July to 30 July.  

This year’s FIFAe Nations Series saw 84 different countries get involved, and the top 23 plus hosts Denmark will be in the chase for the FIFAe Nations Cup. Meanwhile, in the FIFAe Club World Cup, 780 players representing real world football clubs from across the globe are reduced to just 24.  

It all adds up to a fantastic festival of football, and whether you are there to cheer individuals, clubs or nations, there will be something that will appeal to you. If you just love the spectacle, settle back for an amazing two weeks in the beautiful, fun and welcoming city of Copenhagen. We can’t wait! 




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