4 tips for those who want to try eFootball 2022


eFootball 2022 is a game by Konami, renamed Pro Evolution Soccer. Despite not the best player reviews, the game is still played by a large number of users. In this guide, we have selected 4 tips for beginners who not only watch soccer and bet on it on GGbet, but play it on console or PC in their spare time.

Mood affects a player’s strength. Be sure to keep an eye on him!

eFootball 2022 features a unique mood system that even the flagship FIFA Ultimate Team doesn’t have. A (excellent), B (good), C (normal), D (reduced), E (bad), depending on the player’s actual performance. The rating changes periodically and sets a mood trend that can only be viewed before a particular match.

D and E ratings often impose a performance debuff before matches and pull a team down. At the same time, A and B moods are capable of turning an average substitute player into a great core player. This is how Konami encourages a solid roster.

Authentic competitions yield a lot of coins. Here’s how to put the lineup up quickly and not waste a lot of time on it

Authentic competitions are tournaments of real teams where you can earn GP for online mode. So far, they have been implemented poorly. To go to the lineup, you have to start searching for an opponent and only after connecting will you get to the team. The task is complicated by the inconvenient menu. It is not surprising that the opponents spend the whole pause on it!

But there is a way out. For a quick setup, choose a familiar scheme, a comfortable style, and instead of comparing characteristics, use the automatic selection of the team by parameters. The AI takes into account the mood and picks the strongest options for each position, and you will spend no more than 10 seconds.

Okay, you started the match, but you see a horrible cursor around the player. How to turn it off?

In the fall, a strange innovation appeared in eFootball 2022 – they added a fat directional cursor. It surrounds the player and creates an unpleasant impression of a mobile game, as in low-cost free-to-play projects. Although Konami has buried the settings thoroughly, it is possible to remove the cursor.

To disable the directional cursor, go to the additional gamepad settings. Turn off the “Directional Tips” option, and the indicator will disappear.

The key element of the game is defense. Play it cool, eFootball hates snap decisions

The most problematic place in a beginner’s game is defense. If you don’t know how to defend, your opponent will gain a huge advantage. In eFootball 2022 there are still flaws slipping through the cracks. Because of the difficulties with the behavior of the AI when switching between players, you need to play defense particularly carefully.

Never break the defensive line! Try to intercept the opponent’s passes through the escort (LT button; left trigger) and engage in tackling (double press the pressing button) only in obvious cases. If the defender is directly in front of the opponent, the opponent is unlikely to dodge – the physics of the game will interfere.

An effective tool will be the pressing partner (RB; right bumper), but you should not get carried away with it – players often leave free zones. Use the tackles only in extreme cases. In contrast to FIFA, they are not easy to predict and it’s easy to get a red card. After a rebound in front of the goal it is often more advantageous to take the ball out, otherwise you risk seeing a sloppy animation of the loss.

We hope that these tips will improve your skill and that you have found something useful in them.




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