Why Are Video Gaming Companies Launching Esports Divisions?


The latest news that Ubisoft will be bringing its competitive efforts under the same root in a newly-formed esports division should shock anyone. Ask any esports betting site out there, and they will tell you that the interest in esports has been soaring. More bets are going on individual titles, more people tuning in to watch, and more competitions and bigger prize pools floating around. This leaves us in a world where esports is a big part of any future video game release. The idea to play competitively is not just done for “bragging rights.”

It’s a way to expand the lifespan of a game and prove that it has a truly unique background that allows it to transcend expectations and beat any shelf/expiration date that the developers may think their game had. This is the reason why StarCraft and Warcraft, and even Age of Empires are played for decades, even after their developers decided to only offer skeletal service in terms of balancing, updates, or let alone tournaments. However, since 2018, Ubisoft has been aware of how good nurturing the esports aspects of video games can be. The company has now decided to bring all of its efforts under the same roof and for a good reason, too. Esports make games shine and survive.

Examples of Great Esports Divisions Within Gaming Companies

Ubisoft is arguably a little late to the party, although – to be perfectly frank – video game developers and publishers are only now realizing how important it is to have a dedicated esports division. One of the earliest adopters of this trend was Valve which developed Dota 2 and created one of the strongest competitive communities around the game.

They are hardly alone. Seeing the success of Dota 2, Blizzard hurried to launch many fantastic titles out there. They introduced Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch and created an esports division that would help these titles, even StarCraft II and Warcraft III, continue thriving. Fast-forward to 2022, and apparently, Blizzard has been doing a great job of keeping its titles vibrant.

Another publisher who went BIG on esports is none other than Riot Games. The company has created opportunities for its players to not just be sitting and passively consuming their video games. Of course, Riot Games never had the intention to create boring games, but the addition of a dedicated esports division elevated the experience for all. Riot introduced its shooter, Valorant, which has become one of the great equalizers of the experience.

Valorant is geared towards both female and male gamers, which makes the game unique. Riot’s esports division has not been trying to create “bubble” popularity for the title, but rather just steered some of the main aspects of the game’s development that made it possible to enjoy an organic growth which has been ongoing since the game’s release a little over two years ago.

Esports Make Games Better

Esports is an important aspect of the overall experience. Players who enjoy gaming will definitely appreciate that they can play some of their favorite games competitively and do so in a safe and secure environment. Many people are trying to do better, and they do so because they know that the esports background of their favorite game is there to really help them get ahead in the game. Esports are thriving, and so are the games that represent them. Many developers realize that it’s worth investing in their games and listening to their fans, and there is no better proof than esports.




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