Which Skin Will Be Revamped By League of Legends Next?


Since its launch in 2009, League of Legends (LoL) has consistently been among the most popular games on any console or platform. Though there were those who claimed that the drop in active gamers between 2017 and 2018 was evidence that it was on its way out, the last few years have proven that assumption to be very wide of the mark.

So what is the secret of the franchise’s enduring success? Well, the release of the Arcane! TV series has helped to gain new fans and maintain interest among existing ones, while LoL eSports is another major reason why it is so consistently popular. However, it’s Riot Games’ attention to detail and commitment to constantly evolve their offering which keeps fans coming back for more. With that in mind, here’s a sneak peek ahead at the next skin to be given a makeover by the LoL team.

A long overdue outcome

Every year, the boffins at Riot Games treat one of the Skin Themes to an update, often allowing fans of the game to decide which will be the lucky beneficiary. This time around, gamers were given the option for Arclight, Infernal or Gothic to get the nod. Given that both of the former themes have already received several new skins in the last few years, it’s no surprise that Gothic was the clear winner of the poll.

In fact, Gothic accrued almost as many votes as the other two themes combined, winning 49.4% compared to Arclight’s 25.1% and Infernal’s 25.5%. That means that for the first time in 11 years – since the release of Gothic Orianna – the Gothic theme will be revamped.

What can we expect?

For starters, it’s almost certain that Orianna will be given a fresh lease of life, as will Annie. Other Champions which might get some attention from the LoL developers include Aphelios, Kayn, Sett, Talon, Veigo and Vexx, all of whom are right at home in the Gothic theme and would benefit from a little TLC. As for the skin itself? Expect things to be very dark.

“We’re really excited at how our middle school aesthetic might look in current League, and there are a bunch of different directions we could take it,” said Riot Games on their website. “We’ve started exploring some of them already, as we’re well into the discovery process—from cute and spooky to serious and dark, there are so many shades of black for us to try on.”

Skarner wins Champion update poll

Meanwhile, Riot Games also held a concurrent poll about which Champion would receive an immediate makeover, with five characters to choose from. Skarner emerged as the clear winner, scooping around a third of the vote. The closest rival was Shyvana, who was only able to muster just under a fifth of the votership, resulting in yet another “always-the-bridesmaid” situation for the half-dragon-half-woman Champion. 

Fans of Skarner won’t mind that one bit, though. The Crystal Vanguard has been treated to minor tweaks and upgrades in the past, but Riot Games have noted that those changes did not significantly affect his playrate. They’re hoping to change all that this time around with a powerhouse remodelling of the purple scorpion Champion.

Are you looking forward to getting to grips with the new Gothic environment? Perhaps you want to test out the new-look Skarner and his skills? Expect releases within the coming months.




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