A Look Ahead at the Year’s Highly Anticipated New Madden Release: Madden 23


Madden series is the only video game franchise that is fully licensed by the highest level of professional football, the NFL

In the world of gaming, there are more and more genres constantly joining the scene. However, one that has stood the test of time is undoubtedly sports-themed series. Major franchises like FIFA, NBA 2K, and Gran Turismo consistently sell out, causing consumer demand to grow with them.

Yet none of these stand out as much as Madden, the NFL videogame leader that has been releasing new installments annually since it broke ground with Electronic Arts all the way back in 1990.

However, this year is the very first time that a Madden title comes out without its namesake, legendary football star, coach, and commentator John Madden, being alive to witness it. The 85-year-old icon passed away in late December, leaving an unforgettable legacy on both the gaming industry and the football universe. To get excited about this latest edition, we thought it only appropriate to outline everything we know so far about this year’s exciting launch of Madden 23.

When Will Madden 23 Released?

Although the official release date is not officially known as of now, Madden games have historically hit the market near the beginning of each new NFL season, mostly during pre-season. We know this to be true because Madden 22 was launched on August 17, and its predecessor was out worldwide on August 28, with most titles before those following the same suit.

This is perfect because traditionally the season comes to a close with the Super Bowl in February, leaving only a few months for fans to go without the football action they know and love, both on screen and with a console. Nowadays, a select handful of teams enter into the Divisional Round phase, as it becomes clearer who has a high likelihood of making it onto the grand Championship stage and who does not. In fact, the AFC North Winner Betting Odds are currently breaking down the top contenders for the title as things get down to the wire.

All of this is worth noting to illustrate the excitement that surrounds this time of year in America for football fans. The only thing that could possibly top this level of expectation is the August release of Madden 23.

Who Will Star as the Cover Athlete(s)?

One of the best things to look forward to upon a new Madden release is discovering which high-profile NFL athlete will be featured on its cover. Last year it was two champion quarterbacks at the same time—both Buccaneers powerhouse Tom Brady and Chiefs leader Patrick Mahomes.

This gives fans a hint that there could again be more than just one cover man for Madden 23. Although the usual cover is given to the past season’s top performing football stars, some are predicting that the 2022 version will honor the late John Madden by featuring him front and center. If this becomes a reality, it will remind Madden fanatics of the game’s old school installments (those released from 1990-2000) where John himself graced the cover.

Are you ready to hit the virtual sidelines and compete in more high-definition gridiron gameplay with Madden 23?

What Updated Features Should Users Expect?

The latest Madden edition has yet to be released and with few insider details about the game new functionalities, there is little to be sure of. However, players may look to the past to determine the future. For example, because Madden 22 featured better scouting tools, management features and graphics, players can expect even more improvements in its successor.

The point is—whether you consider yourself to be a ‘jock’ gamer who can’t get enough of sports games, or find yourself picking up this series for the very first time, there is something for everyone in Madden games and Madden 23 will be no different. If you can’t wait to get your hands on the new game, keep an eye on pre-order release dates which are slated to be coming out soon.




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