Call of Duty: Ghosts Sold Less Than Black Ops II at Launch, Activision Admits


Despite Activision trying to confuse the consumer with irrelevant, unrepresentative statistics, Call of Duty: Ghosts has sold less copies at launch than Black Ops II, according to Activision.

Speaking during an investors call last night, CFO Dennis Durkin said: “As we have said for more than a year now, console transition years are volatile and hard to predict, and this year is proving no different.”

“Today, we announced that we had shipped into retail more than $1bn of Call of Duty: Ghosts globally on day one based on an average wholesale price. As expected, due to the console transition and digital distribution, this number is down versus last year.

“This year, the sell-through curve will be different than in past years due to the multiple launches of new hardware later in the month and more days between our launch and the high-volume Black Friday at the end of the month. 

“That said, it’s a very solid achievement and shows the tremendous confidence our retail partners have and the strength of the game and franchise heading into this holiday.”

Call of Duty: Ghosts’ problem is a common one. Both Battlefield 4 and Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag launch sales were down on the previous year also, with next-gen versions on the horizon. Expect all those games to get a significant bump once Xbox One and PS4 launches later in the month.




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