Real-Time, Physics-Driven Orbital Strategy Game Habitat to be Unveiled Publicly at PAX East


Seattle-based indie developer 4gency is showcasing its new space-themed strategy game, Habitat, this weekend at PAX East in Boston. From April 11-13th press and gamers can visit booth #656 to play an early demo of the game and meet the developers.

“In Habitat, we’re giving players creative command with a supremely fun space exploration, building, and resource management experience,” says 4gency founder and Habitat designer, Charles Cox. “We look forward gamers getting their hands on Habitat this weekend at PAX East. We want to hear their feedback as we drive towards the beta development cycle of the game.”

Habitat is a space-themed strategy game set in Earth’s orbit, where players lead a team of engineers to save humanity by building space stations, called ‘Habitats’, out of an orbiting wasteland of junk. Players will get to explore and salvage debris of all kinds, from earthly to alien, to build their habitats and manage their citizens in a last effort to support human life.

Habitat also introduces a new kind of combat using ‘kinetic weaponry’ thanks to the zero-G physics of space. Any junk found can be used to fight off enemies hellbent on destroying the very creations players build. Habitats can be destroyed in seconds triggering massive chain reactions. Space is a fun but dangerous place and players will need to make tough choices to survive!




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