Insomnia51 The Biggest Yet, Showcasing The Best New Games


Multiplay, organiser of the UK’s biggest gaming festivals, is delighted to announce a packed final line-up for Insomnia51, taking place at Coventry’s Ricoh Arena April 18-21, 2014. Showcasing the best new games in the Exhibition halls, a dedicated Indie zone, the Minecraft zone, the best eSports tournaments and unrivalled evening entertainment, Insomnia51 will be the best yet.

Hosted by Matt Littler and  Darren Jefferies from ‘We’ve Got Game’ and Insomnia stalwart A-Spec, this year’s insomnia will be the biggest Easter festival, with more tickets sold than ever before. eSports takes centre stage, but not just on PC. Console eSports tournaments have attracted more entries than ever before, and with multiple stages in the exhibition hall and a 650 seat auditorium; you’ll never be far from the competition.

For the first time, Square Enix is backing the UK’s biggest gaming festival, with Nosgoth, its stunning new free-to-play, team based multiplayer game. Access will be unrestricted and open to all attendees of Insomnia51, and not just at the dedicated Nosgoth Stand in the exhibition hall. Each and every BYOC ticket comes with instant access to the exciting world of Nosgoth, the ultimate fight for survival between vampires and humans.

Throughout the weekend, the best of the best will stand together or opposed as Vampires and Humans, taking part in the first ever Nosgoth tournament, which will be free-to-enter. With incredible prizes on offer across the bank holiday weekend, consumers will be able to test their skills in the ultimate battle for survival.

Nosgoth delivers fast-paced action and tactical combat with stunning visuals that bring the game’s environments to life. Powered by Unreal Engine 3, players can customise their classes and mould each one to suit their own individual gameplay style.

Be among the first to fight for the survival of your species and register for the Beta here:

“Square Enix Live and the team at Psyonix are over the moon to be delivering an unrivalled hands-on experience with Nosgoth at Insomnia51,” said Grant Tasker, Marketing & PR Manager, Square Enix. He continued, “Community is what drives the success of games like Nosgoth, and we’re chomping at the bit to show the game to the public for the first time in the UK.”

Craig Fletcher, CEO & Founder of Multiplay said, “It’s only a few days away, but the excitement we’re feeling from the community is incredible. With a new venue, and more support from fantastic partners like Square Enix and Nosgoth, Insomnia will only get bigger, and we’re ready to deliver the best gaming festival the UK has ever seen.”

Insomnia51 takes place at the Ricoh Arena over Easter Bank Holiday weekend, Friday, April 18th to Monday, April 21st 2014. Come see us at EL-X17, first person to quote ‘What is a BaconCape?’ wins a free copy of Call of Duty: Ghosts for PS3 or Call of Duty MW3 for Xbox 360.




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