Atlantica Online Empires of Gold Update


Nexon America have released another update for their massively multiplayer roleplaying game Atlantica Online that adds new classes, characters and dungeons.

The new dungeons include Forgotten City Chichen Itza (Level 28+, Level 30+ recommended), Machu Picchu the City of the Sun (Level 38+, Level 40+ recommended), Golden City El Dorado (Level 48+ to enter, Level 50+ recommended) and Golden Empire of Defense (Level 155+, Raid dungeon).

In the Golden Empire of Defense, players that complete the raid will receive five Hero’s Insignias which can then be traded for items. Also in this raid dungeon, the new mercenary Quilla can be obtained. Her skills include Star Spite: Quilla calls on the stars to avenge her by damaging enemies who attack her, Stellar Hunt: Unleashes massive damage on a column of enemies and Celestial Venom: Damages enemies over time.

The Celestial Hunter is the new class included in the Empires of Gold update. If you create a Celestial Hunter you will start at level 30 and reciece a free Komodo mount. The Hunters basic attack hits one main target and then has two ricochet targets. Skills included with this character are Parting Shot: Passive magic that grants a chance to fire an extra shot, Agile Counter: Another passive attack which allows the Celestial Hunter to counter an enemy’s physical attack with an arrow of her own, Piercing Arrow: Launches an arrow that drives through a column of enemies to deal massive damage and Hunter’s Mark: Lowers the defense of a single target.

The new Atlantica Online content is available now to all players meeting the level requirements.

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