Planetkey statement to cLy’s VAC-Ban


Planetkey were supposed to be participating in the qualifiers for Gfinity however after a cheating accusation made against cLy the team was kicked. This has since been revoked and the team will have the chance to play in the second qualifier. This was the organisations official statement about the event:

The suggestion that Cly got banned for cheating at the G3 Qualifier is not exactly correct. After many discussions with Paul M3lm0th’ Kent, CEO of Gfinity, we have been told that our team, including cLy, can participate in the qualifier again. We were kicked out because of a comment on Any accusations of guilt concerning the admin’s “incorrect decision” after only 5 minutes of demo review should be dropped, as those didn’t have anything to do with why we got kicked. We have a chatlog concerning this issue, but we won’t publish it due to data protection laws and our respect towards Gfinity. Our team has signed up for the 2nd qualifier, but we can’t make it due to time reasons.

Concerning cLy’s VAC Ban we can only state that cLy has no ban in the ESL and that this VAC Ban very surprising for us is. cLy always plays with ESL Wire and he has, in the past, been to many LANs where he could prove his skillset. Whether the ban is legit or not is still unclear considering this huge banwave, especially since other known players from big projects have also received such bans. We are in full contact with Steam Support, and we hope that we can find a solution to this issue quickly.

As an organisation we will of course keep full eye on this topic and we would like to, once again, state that cLy has full trust of his team and that we are still hoping, that his ban was a mistake.




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